Unlocking the Secrets of Cryptocurrency Markets

Welcome to the future of cryptocurrency investment and decision-making. In an era where information is power, our cutting-edge algorithm brings you a strategic advantage like never before.

  1. V0

    First version of SteinPrograms website, with ability to read news produced by the algorithm.

  2. Realtime News API

    Scrapping news in realtime from various sources. Ability to search for specific topic and get the latest news about it.

  3. News Interpreter

    We will start to interpret news with our algorithm, and provide a sentiment score for each news. This will be the first step to provide a trading signal based on news.

  4. Trading

    As first version of our algorithm will be ready, we will start to train it with machine learning to improve its performance.

  5. Sharing Pool

    We are developing all those algorithms to take profits from market anomalies. We are willing to share the potential yield as we grow. With a larger trading pool, we will be able to improve yield as it will reduce the impact of fees.